our own modern machine facilities

We continue to invest in
modern machinery,
we care about the
quality of our tools.

Our equipment is our tools. Its quality largely determines the quality of the projects we carry out. We make every effort to modernise and expand our machine and transport facilities.

We have the following:
  • trucks with low-loaders for transport of heavy equipment and prefabricated bridge beams, and transport of aggregates using cranes with a capacity of 30 to 130 t,
  • excavators and loaders with various accessories,
  • concrete mixers,
  • concrete pumps,
  • drilling rigs for large-diameter piles,
  • equipment for making jet-grouting piles and ground anchors,
  • vehicles for pre-stressed concreting of bridges.

Earthworks and concrete work

  • Excavators – 0.25 m3 and more
  • Bulldozers – up to 80 hp
  • Backhoe loaders
  • Chargers
  • Self-propelled rollers
  • Concrete mixers
  • Concrete pumps
  • Concrete paver
  • Compactors

Making boreholes
and large-diameter pile driving

  • Drilling machines
  • Pile-drivers
  • Vibro-hammers

Other road machines

  • Telescopic lifts
  • Cranes
  • Various types of compressors
  • Generators

Transport of materials and equipment

  • Universal trucks – capacity above 8t,
  • Tractor units – pressure above 8t,
  • Universal semi-trailers – capacity above 8t,
  • Universal trailers – capacity above 8t,
  • Trucks and goods and passenger vehicles

For more details, please contact the Department of Transport
Department of Transport

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