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Mosty Łódź S.A. is a company with long traditions. We are a commercial company with an entirely Polish share capital, and all our shareholders are former and current company employees. We have been operating in our present form since 1992, always enjoying a good reputation amongst our customers, partners and employees.

Just like any other enterprise we strive to achieve profit - so that we can safely operate in the future and ensure a profit for our shareholders and employment for our workers. However, we believe that it is essential not only to achieve the objectives, but also to pursue them in a proper way. We believe that there are values that should determine all economic activity, regardless of the times we live in.

In our opinion, these values are:
  • honesty, integrity and reliability, safety,
  • compliance with the law, compliance with social standards, and compliance with environmental standards.

To cultivate these values we have prepared the Book of Business Ethics. The principles described therein are a result of the existing regulations and the standards we follow. Therefore, they determine how our company operates. They are also essential in building relationships inside and outside our business.

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