specialist laboratory

We perform the necessary
btests of concrete,
aggregates and soil

Our laboratory has been operating in the current form since 1999. We have qualified and experienced staff, as well as a fully equipped and supervised laboratory. Here we perform the necessary tests of concrete, soil and aggregates. They include all the stages for materials such as aggregates and concrete mixes – from the design phase to use.
The laboratory also gives us the ability to test and check the solutions already at the offer preparation stage. We can create solutions dedicated to a specific project, such as cladding panels or concrete beams.

Examples of tests
performed in
our laboratory

  • Comprehensive tests of concrete aggregates, concrete mix and hardened concrete.
    • Aggregates: grain composition, ash content, shape index, sand index, grain density, impurities content, alkaline reactivity, chloride content and others
    • Concrete mix: consistency, air content, mix temperature
    • Concrete: compressive strength, frost resistance, water absorption, water permeability and others
  • Non-destructive testing of concrete using a Schmidt hammer, Pull-off, carbonation, humidity
  • Tests of soil, including: the usability of land for backfills (grain composition, uniformity coefficient, permeability, maximum density of granular soil structure, ash content, natural and optimal moisture)
  • Tests of soil compaction using the Proctor method, light dynamic probe, dynamic load plate, VSS

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