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Orientarium in Łódź

Orientarium in the Zoological Garden in Łódź. The investment is implemented in the design and build system.

The Widzew Stadium

New Łódź City Stadium. The project is implemented in the design-build system.

Solidarity Bridge

A cable-stayed bridge in Płock on the Vistula River, which is a part of the Jerzy Popiełuszko Route.

Tram to 'Fordon'

The construction of the tram line to the Fordon District with reconstruction of the road system along the following streets: Fordońska, Lewińskiego, Akademicka and Andersa, and the transport hub in the area of the railway station "Bydgoszcz Wschód" in Bydgoszcz.

Road Projects Trasa Górna

Project "Design and Construction of Trasa Górna along the section from the intersection of Al. Jana Pawła II – ul. Pabianicka to ul. Rzgowska in Łódź" was carried out for the Road and Transport Authority of the City of Łódź.

W-Z Route

Project "Modernization and Extension of the W-Z Route" began in March 2013 and was ordered by the City of Łódź. Mosty Łódź designed and built the WZ 3 carriageway and implemented carriages WZ 4 to 7.

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