Third Millennium Bridge in Gdańsk - Mosty Łódź S.A.

Third Millennium Bridge in Gdańsk

The project included the design and construction of the crossing over the Dead Vistula River on the Henryk Sucharski Route. Mosty Łódź and a French-Polish company were the main contractors of the project. The construction work began in August 1999 and was finished in October 2001.

The suspension bridge built under the contract is a steel welded structure with the main span length of 230 m. It was the first Polish bridge constructed using the cantilever method, i.e. without the use of supports in the river current. The total height of the bridge pylon is nearly 100 m.

Project challenge: At the time it was put into operation, the bridge had the longest span among the suspended one-pylon structures in Poland.

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