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Bridge over the Vistula River in Puławy

The project of the bridge over the Vistula River in Puławy was an alternative to the old crossing on the Ignacy Mościcki Bridge. The bridge was built as part of the Puławy Bypass as its main engineering structure.

The construction work began in March 2006. Puławy Bypass and the bridge were put into operation in July 2008. Two flood waves took place on the Vistula River during the works (in April 2006 and September 2007). The bridge is 1012 m long and 22.3 m wide. The supporting span structure consists of two steel arches placed outside the platform.

Project challenges: The bridge was constructed in a place where the Vistula River valley is under legal protection as a wildlife corridor. Therefore, the structure had to be designed in such a way as to minimise the interference with the existing river bed and as not to narrow the valley.

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