Bridge in Wyszków - Mosty Łódź S.A.

Bridge in Wyszków

As a consortium partner in the construction of Wyszków Bypass, Mosty Łódź built, among others, the road bridge over the Bug River. The bridge was the main engineering structure of Wyszków Bypass on Expressway S8 Radzymin-Wyszków.

The construction began in June 2006, and was completed in November 2008. The bridge consists of two parallel carriageways with a total length of 622.40 m each. The width of one carriageway is 13.20 m. The structure was made in a nine-span design. The carrying structure is a 6.60 m wide reinforced concrete box with two-sided supports with a reach of 3.20 m.

Project challenge: Bridgeheads of both carriageways are completely independent. They are chamber-type structures, which allow for convenient access to the bearings and entrance inside the box girder.

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