Solidarity Bridge - Mosty Łódź S.A.

Solidarity Bridge

The structure was built as part of the eastern bypass around Płock, along National Road No. 60. It was ordered by the City of Płock, and a consortium led by Mosty Łódź was the contractor.

The work began in July 2002 and was completed in October 2005.

The total length of the bridge is 1200 m. It consists of two different parts, the main bridge over the stream of the Vistula River (615 m) and the access bridge over the flood plains of the left bank of the river (585 m). The main bridge structure is a symmetrical suspended girder consisting of a continuous beam, two pylons and guy wires.

Project challenge: The main span of the bridge is 375 m long and is one of the largest among the suspension structures with guy wires in one plane. In 2005, it was the world's longest span used in suspension bridges on column pylons mounted in the platform.

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