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Road Projects Trasa Górna

Project "Design and Construction of Trasa Górna along the section from the intersection of Al. Jana Pawła II – ul. Pabianicka to ul. Rzgowska in Łódź" was carried out for the Road and Transport Authority of the City of Łódź.

Mosty Łódź was the contractor in this investment project. It involved the construction of a new fragment of National Road No. 1. The route was designed as a dual carriageway with two to three lanes, connected to the existing network of city roads by intersections with traffic lights. Ten engineering structures were built along the route, including three retaining structures with bottom slabs for traffic under two intersections and the railway line, and the railway viaduct (marked as WK-3) for railway line No. 25.

The construction began in February 2012 and was completed in September 2014.

Project challenge: The construction of WK-3 structure was on the critical path of the entire contract. Its length is 141.5 m. The viaduct was constructed next to the existing railway embankment and then placed transversely over the old rail track. In the course of 68 hours during the closure of the tracks, we removed the old track with its embankment, placed the new viaduct and continued the track and contact line. The transverse relocation of the viaduct structure, which weights 7000 t, over a distance of approx. 15 m took four hours.

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