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investment projects.

For many years, we had operated as Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Mostowych (Bridge Works Company). Back then, we obtained a lot of experience that we use today. Our company has also completed many general construction projects, so now we specialise not only in the bridge construction.

We offer a wide range of engineering services. We carry out contracts in the field of infrastructure, but also construct buildings, such as stadiums, warehouses or residential estates. We cooperate with design offices and law firms. We provide comprehensive support for investment projects in all their stages. Depending on the investor's needs we work in any system, e.g. build, design-build or finance-build systems.

If you are wondering whether we can help you to carry out your project:

Infrastructure Construction

Construction of roads, railways and tram lines.  

Building Construction

Public buildings, halls, sports facilities and housing. 

Prefabricated Production

T-beams, Kujan beams and other components.  

Other Services

Deep foundation, transport, equipment lease and laboratory work.  

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